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Expetec Welcomes New Minnesota Partner
May 3, 2011

(Edina, MN)— Expetec Technology Services has completed onboard training for Kristopher Wilson, owner of Hyper Future Vision and the first partner to join the new Expetec Partnership Network program. Vice Presidents, Todd Sayler and Dale Bain traveled to the Twin Cities at the end of March for the training and set up a plan for support going forward. The Expetec Partnership Network program was established in February 2011.

Wilson has 16 years of experience in the IT field starting as a network administrator for St. Jude Medical, then with a small consulting company called GB Lumina where he continued to work in larger, corporate IT environments. In 1999 he transitioned to being the IT Director for a small dot com startup which was then sold to E*TRADE. He then worked with integrating the local office network and online product with the E*TRADE network and family of products. In 2001 when E*TRADE moved Minneapolis operations to its home in Menlo Park, CA, Wilson remained and started his current practice providing IT consulting services to small businesses and other start-ups.

Wilson explains “In my business now I work with my clients as their primary technical advisor. My personal skill set is in network and computer management, but my experience includes working with vendors of line-of-business applications, internet services and telecommunications, online and web-based services, and even peripheral devices. I help my clients by coordinating these disparate technologies to work together to efficiently achieve their business objectives.”

He continues, “I have an unusual approach to working as a reseller of software and hardware – I don’t charge a mark-up on any resold items. Instead, I work as a procurement expert on behalf of my clients and only charge for the time to select and then procure the required software and equipment. This means that I have no vested interested in recommending one product or brand over another; my clients can be assured that I am delivering the best available quality at the best available price.”

Best available quality is important to Wilson and he refers to a sign that one of his clients has to summarize his standards: “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

Wilson’s company, Hyper Future Vision located in Edina, MN, is a Microsoft partner and a Microsoft certified Small Business Specialist. He can be reached at 877-425-5999 and his website

The Expetec Partnership Network program which was introduced in February of 2011 was designed for independent IT companies looking to align themselves with a nationally recognized IT brand.

With 31 locations in 13 states and Canada, Expetec has been awarded numerous honors for exceptional growth and service including the prestigious American Association of Franchisees and Dealer’s certification of Fair Franchising. Information regarding Expetec and its new Expetec Partnership Network program can be found on the web at or by contacting Todd Sayler at 1-888-297-2292 Ext. 6012 or

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