1. Prepare for the worst with BCP

    Disasters happen on a daily basis. Sometimes they’re big, wiping out communities, other times they’re small, affecting one online machine or computer. No matter the size of disaster, it pays for businesses, especially small businesses, to prepare for the worst. The only problem is, many small businesses don’t prepare and...
  2. Better security due to authentication

    The recent LinkedIn password breach and the various Mac and Windows Trojan horses have many small business managers wondering if their data is actually safe. Even if you take steps to ensure safety, they may not be enough and your data may still be at risk. One method companies could...
  3. BI could help your business survive

    A smart organization is one that can act in a proactive manner to take advantage of rising trends and stay ahead of their competition. One way an organization can remain proactive is through the use of Business Intelligence (BI). Interestingly, many small businesses don’t implement BI and have found themselves...
  4. 5 ways to keep employees healthy

    It’s common knowledge that the number of work related injuries is rising. While many traditional injuries happen while working high risk jobs, the majority of injuries are now happening to employees who sit for long periods of time. As many employees sit at a computer for a long period of...
  5. Social networks and you. Which is best?

    One of the most prevalent aspects of modern technology is social media. Many companies and people have adapted it as a part of daily life, some going so far as to rely on it as their main form of communication. There’s no doubt as to the benefits of being on...
  6. Beware when connecting to Wi-Fi

    At E3 (an annual technology conference) this year, a new video game was showcased. Watch Dogs, set in the near future, is a game about an elite hacker who can hack into any device as long as it has a Wi-Fi connection. In the short demo, you see the character...

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