1. Get Your Business Ready for VoIP

    Technology has advanced at a rapid pace over the past 30 years, with many devices moving from physical systems to digital versions, including one of the most useful: the telephone. While the use of landlines is still prevalent among some businesses, many have started to turn to the digital version,...
  2. BCP Roadblock: Software or Template?

    Business continuity planning – an important consideration companies have been looking into, and adopting in increasing numbers. It’s vital that businesses can operate in any condition and that they won’t be affected by disasters. One of the steps in implementing a successful protection strategy involves working out whether to use...
  3. Risks of P2P and Cloud Storage

    Peer-to-peer networking (P2P) and cloud storage services have both been hot topics in the news lately. Whether it’s about the seizure of servers or security threats, both have been causing businesses problems with regards to recoverability and security of data. Does your company use P2P or cloud storage? If so,...

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